Audiobiography: D. Murali – contd..

“Why should you be agitated about gender prejudice? You are not a woman!”

Alas, what a retrograde thinking! For instance, as Tamils, why should you be agitated with what happens to Biharis or Gujaratis? As Indians, why should you be worried about the atrocities in other countries? Should Asia be bothered about the crisis in Europe? Why at all should the Americans lose sleep over hunger in Africa?

Thankfully, in today’s world, there is a greater realisation that the good of all is what is good for oneself. Health and development mean a lot to all of us as much as air and water. And, to repeat the eternal Karmic message, what goes around, comes around.

In recent months, we in India have been through traumatic social issues concerning women. We keep hearing politicians and scholars debating solutions, in the form of changes to law and so forth. But, at a micro level, I think, the responsibility of safety for women is with all of us.

For example, can we, as men, decide to raise our individual voice, rather than keep quiet, when gender injustice happens in front of our eyes? Can we rise above our individual interest and blow the whistle when gender prejudice grabs the air time and pollutes the work atmosphere around us?

Risky proposition? Yes. Yet, worth taking, I’d say. Because the bigger and a long-term risk is not standing up now against what is not right. Again, the bigger risk is for the perpetrators of gender injustice and prejudice, what with laws becoming less tolerant of abuse. Also, with a technology such as Sound Cloud, you can get an instructive story for sharing with communities that care for a better world.

( – Correction: Because the bigger and a long-term risk is not standing up now against [not for as in the clip] what is not right.)


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