From tomato to civil servants

Tomato (nattu) sells at Rs 13 per kg. How much would the farmer be getting? — with Venkat Subramanian, Anand Chandrashekaran and Ananthakrishnan Gopalakrishnan.

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Vishnu Ram Tomato (Nattu) is Rs. 10 per Kg for past 10 days…

Tuesday at 11:11am

Sriram Sridharan If it sells for Rs.13/kg, the farmer will be lucky if he doesn’t make a loss. Its likely that he is dumping his stock at the wholesale market.

Tuesday at 11:15am

Murali De Looks like they must be making a loss even cultivating, harvesting and transporting it.

Tuesday at 11:15am

Sriram Sridharan Yes, most likely.

Tuesday at 11:33am

Venkat Subramanian it is very common for tomato prices to oscillate .. nadu ranges from 2 rs/kg wholesale (peak season ) to as high as rs 40/kg… the reasons are NOT due to middlemans.. but the time-traditional ways of rain-fed farming.. all farmers put tomatoes at SAME time after first post cyclone rains … and being a 45-60 day crop they ALL harvest around march … this has been happening for past 5 years since we are in business guess for ages before…

Tuesday at 1:48pm

Venkat Subramanian and if you want to know what farmer is getting… it is better to ask the FARMER himself … goto – in farmer search type tomato .. youll see actual farmers names.. click to see details and phone numbers.. and you can ASK them direct … as they dont see facebook

Tuesday at 1:49pm

Venkat Subramanian and Murali De , here’s a little ‘prediction’ for you : mango prices are going to be rock bottom this year … as the flowers have bloomed due to heavy rains in krishnagiri .. and with almost 80% of the pulping units shut down… you can get mangoes for FREE if u goto krishnagiri by april/may

Tuesday at 1:51pm

Murali De Very informative, Venkat Subramanian. I was hoping that food processing industry can help arrest the steep price fall of agri produce in times of glut. But pulping units are shut down you say. Power crisis?

Tuesday at 1:56pm

Venkat Subramanian Hi Murali De , the pupling units were all export oreinted or started by govt .. trying to sell to safal which is anotheer govt agency … due to recession ( and changes in IAS officers) all crashed..

Tuesday at 6:04pm

Venkat Subramanian u know santosh babu ? he was collector of krishnagiri when the ‘krishmaa’ project started.. he was also the horti commisioner till recently… wanted to start very innovative ideas and IT driven horti… but obviously our ‘mandiri’s made sure his shelf life was short…

Tuesday at 6:05pm

Venkat Subramanian he has been shunted off to ‘ayurvedic and unani’ medicine dept just recently..

Tuesday at 6:05pm

Venkat Subramanian u shud talk to him… he is one of most passionate, innovative IAS officers who actually knows the problem and had almost found solutions to it …

Tuesday at 6:06pm

Murali De Remember meeting him when he was heading elcot.

Tuesday at 6:07pm

Venkat Subramanian yes .. same person.. he is more tech savvy than even corporate CTOs !! he is like a human super computer – parallel processes and had transformed all ‘nada files’ to online erp … obviously some people didnt like all that transparency !

Tuesday at 6:10pm

Murali De Civil service is like a black box. Pity that the only time they get to talking to media is after they retire. There must be a way out. How about a pg called Fans of Civil Servants, to feature only the positive personalities?

Tuesday at 6:21pm via mobile

Murali De Samuel Eddy had invited Babu for his event.

Wednesday at 8:04pm

Samuel Eddy The Friends of Civil Servants is a great idea. I am planning a SAM GOV to highlight many IAS officers who are doing amazing work!!

Yesterday at 12:23am

Venkat Subramanian Hi Samuel Eddy , Murali De – i think that would be a great idea.. i have come across others in TN cadre – santosh mishra , an ex-iitian and former collector of kancheepuram – currently in chatisgarh .. i feel there are several honest, sincere govt workers who really want to do good.. and ofte get drowned in this general ‘annamania’ or the ‘kejriwal’ effect that everyone on govt is corrupt.. which is not so… i have even come across some (small number) of mlas and mps who have done amazing work with no returns for their communities.. would be a new ;awakening’ for the youth to see govt in new light and not just keep protesting on streets for everything and work TOGETHER .. even CM Ms. JJ in her current tenure has seem some tough admin decisions and revolutionary projects – like this Rs 1/- idly which was something which poor would much need.. would be happy to help/speak..23 hours ago

Venkat Subramanian IAS oficers do want to connect with good firms/smes/startups to suppor them , but this mutual disconnect and mistrust has provided a gap .. so when tenders/projects get announced, the normal companies dont apply, and hence they all forced to award to vested parties… o think FB/Online/Offline forums to build a bridge is a KEY gap.. even NABARD as a bank has some amazing officers with great vision , but stuck in bureacratic hurdles internally.. pls do start.

23 hours ago 

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