Fresher recruitment

  • HCL fresher recruitment is in mess, just like 2008, now the questions is who would be next CTS, Wipro or TCS?
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      Yuvaraj Pandian T This attitude of ‘We do not really know to code, so do not judge us by our code, despite the fact that we are going to be given programmer jobs’ baffles me on every end (employer and employee). What gives?
      Senthil Nayagam 2006 they hired every BSc guys as well, now at least these are engineers(civil , mechanical, ECE, Electrical)
      Senthil Nayagam after rolling out offers HCL can’t Honor it as market is pretty bad, so they can be transparent but only because of news coverage they have brought new filtering criteria. It just feels like Hunger Games repeat
      Yuvaraj Pandian T In some ways, it is brutal, isn’t it? There’s no rhyme and reason, hard work doesn’t get you anywhere(I think?) and luck seems to be the biggest factor in anything. Life must feel unfair if you join one of those companies, though I might be picking from a biased sample
      Murali De Placement officers in campuses are in the game, too?
      Gautam Kumar Most placement offices are full of over paid slackers. In the end no one other than the student can be blamed

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