Llocal news channels in the form of social media pages

  • NDTV. The Buck Stops here.. on the Internet and social media. Connecting the Indian politics and the e-media. Leave that alone. I see the media, especially the newspapers hunt for stories on social media. Today you see something on FB or Twitter, the next week it is on the features & soft stories of the big newspapers!
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      Rani Bhaskar Microblogging as a broadcast medium enjoys the lion share it gets to share among various media. It has become something like “what the social networking sites/addicts think today, the media think tomorrow” 
      Revathi Ram True Rani Bhaskar. So when I read something on the website or in the newspaper the next day, the news seem to be old! It’s already on the microblogs long ago!
      Rani Bhaskar Yes indeed! As the news can be anything from “what is on your mind/feel” to anything in and around the world in social networks, the freshness of the news slowly turns stale by the time we pick up the newspaper from our doorsteps! True story! 
      Murali De Signs of irrelevance of traditional channels.
      Revathi Ram Sir, Murali De .. I think journalists should be trained properly on how to use social media for story ideas, not randomly pick up from FB / twitter. All that glitters on social media are not gold mine of stories. Most of them are self certified businesses!
      Rani Bhaskar While the preponderance of biased media outlets seems to grow, the information regarding the political world around us is becoming available via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These websites and applications are trendy but they also provide a valuable political resource to a young generation and will begin to shape their views and opinions in a profound way (which I doubt!). This newer form of media will also allow politicians to become increasingly competitive during elections and will drastically change how elections are run in future years (which again I doubt!) 
      Prasanna Shyamaprasad While a lot of vernacular media (Tamil weeklies/dailies) have stuff straight out of social media,mainstream national English newspapers have moved on to opinion pieces by experts (some nuanced,some biased) and news analysis.No one opens a newspaper today expecting fresh stories.
      Murali De Right opportunity to launch local news channels in the form of social media pages. Say, an FB page called Mylai News, run by local online journalists.
      Revathi Ram Tagging Vincent D Souza for taking this forward! 
       (From FB discussion)

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