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Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 16:43:04 -0500
Subject: Crossover Basketball – India

Dear Mr. Murali – 

Thank you for connecting with us via Twitter. We would love to share with you about the work of Crossover Basketball as well as invite you to witness our program this July in Chennai. 

Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy ( – is the first non-profit international program in India to leverage athletic values and skill as a means to develop academic opportunities for Indian students.The main objective of Crossover Basketball is to use basketball as a vehicle of change in communities in India by combining the ideas of of a sport and imparting the values of leadership, character, communication, and teamwork with the goal of inspiring and preparing those students to continue in their educational pursuits through the university level.

Crossover Basketball is dedicated to the idea that India is unlike any other country where basketball has been expanded, due in large part to the potential for academic as well as athletic success for children. The key to integrating sport within the community will be its emphasis on the provision for educational prospects. Crossover participants will not only be educated in a non-biased way as to opportunities that currently exist and how to achieve those goals, but will also be supported in their endeavors inside and outside of India once they graduate the program. We are not just preparing athletes and helping to increase education rates, we are helping prepare future leaders for Indian communities.

If you have a few minutes to spare in one of your own one day contracts – please take a look at the introductory video about Crossover ( and the success we had in piloting the academy with 45 students in Chennai during the summer of 2012. This past summer (July 2013) – we worked with nearly 250 students, with nearly 2/3 of them being girls, and partnered with American International School of Chennai to run a phenomenal two-week life-changing program. As we look at ways to do more (the long-term goal is to open a tuition-free boarding school – we plan to host a free one day Sport in Education conference in Chennai for any school leaders, coaches, and educators in India to attend.  



Shaun Jayachandran


Shaun Jayachandran
Founder and President
Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy
PO Box 470686
Boston, MA 02447
tw: @CrossoverBBall

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